Types of Aid Available

University Scholarships

Honor Scholarships

  • Students who are High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians are considered for these scholarships and are selected by the University Scholarship Committee. The students' classification will only be evaluated using their home high school class rank.
  • Students must have an ACT composite test score of a 26 or an 1170 SAT composite test score to be considered.
  • The amount of the scholarship is equal to full tuition, not to exceed $20,000
  • These scholarships are renewable provided students maintain a 3.3 accumulative g.p.a. and have outstanding attendance.
  • The Scholarship must be accepted and activated within one year of the students' high school graduation date.

Jack Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

  • Maximum award of $750 (one Business and one Technological student per year)
  • Students must have graduated from an Allen County High School
  • Must have a 3.0 high school g.p.a.
  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from the high school
  • Must submit a letter of intent postmarked by May 1st
  • Scholarship committee will select winner.

John R Miller Scholarship

  • Have financial need
  • Need letter of recommendation from counselor or faculty member
  • The award will be provided annually for up to $2,000 per year

Tech Prep (West Ohio Consortium) Scholarships

  • The University of Northwestern Ohio has partnered with six area technical schools, Apollo Career Center, Lima Senior High School Vocational Program, Millstream Career Center, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, Tri Star Career Compact, and Vantage Career Center, to award scholarships to students in designated Tech Prep programs.
  • Each technical school will select a scholarship recipient to receive a $2,000 award to be used at the University of Northwestern Ohio. These students must meet criteria set by the University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Interested students may contact the guidance office at their individual school for an application

Military Scholarship for dependents of US military veterans

  • A dependent is classified as a born child, step-child, adopted child, or spouse
  • Dependents must prove their dependency by submitting a copy of their birth certificate or be claimed by the veteran on the most recent IRS income tax return
  • Military veteran dependent children must have matriculated at the University by the age of 21
  • Awards will be made available in the current and future terms of enrollment at the University once the documentation has been received
  • Award follows all other University Scholarship guidelines, including being applied to traditional college rate, concurrent enrollment (only one session or quarter off), used for traditional tuition charges only, available for the original major, and a 2.5 GPA with one session of probation if the student falls below the 2.5 GPA

UNOH Athletic Scholarships

    The University offers co-ed athletic scholarships in NAIA and institutional athletic sports: baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, motorsports, tennis, volleyball, soccer, softball, cheerleading, and managers/trainers. Please contact the Athletic Department for information on how to apply.