Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student and I am not scheduled:

College of Applied Technologies students: Have you paid your tuition or do you have your financial aid in place? If not, you may want to contact the Financial Aid or Cashier's office to make payment arrangements. Once payment is in place, your first schedule is designed for you.

College of Applied Technologies - students are automatically scheduled their first term and should receive their schedule approximately 2 weeks before the term starts

Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions - students are scheduled their first term either at orientation or by notifying the registrar of their plan to attend the upcoming quarter.


I would like credit for my ACT/SAT scores.

ACT/SAT Scores in the subject of English(ACT), Writing(SAT) & Math can be recorded for college credit in Basic English or Review Math.

ACT scores must be an 18 or higher and SAT scores a 450 or higher.

Official HS transcripts or a copy of your scores can be sent to the Registrar's office for processing.


I want to drop a course.

Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions - fill out a Drop Course Form at the Registrar's Office or send an email to the Registrar from your UNOH email account.

This cannot be done via voicemail or on the phone.

College of Applied Technologies - if a student wants to drop a course and it is their only course, they must see a success coach to process a Withdrawal Form.


I am not returning next term, I am leaving campus, or I need to withdraw.

Students should see a UNOH Student Success Coach to process a withdrawal form in the 13000 Student Commons building.

Charges will be assigned based on their date of notification to the Student Success Department. Please see the catalog for the tuition refund policy. Students will return under new curriculum, should they choose to return.

Dropping courses after a term starts may incur charges. See the course drop and withdrawal policies for details.


I want to add/drop courses from my schedule.

Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions - Visit to process these changes during registration, late registration, or late change periods.

Adds and drops cannot be requested through a voice mail or by phone.

After the second day of the term, students will need to see the Registrar to complete a drop or add form.


I would like to confirm that I am graduating.

College of Applied Technologies students should see College of Applied Technologies Registrar for confirmation.

Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions students should submit a request for graduation 3 quarters before they plan to graduate. They will receive a letter detailing the credits that they need for completion based on the student's plan.


I would like doubles next term in the College of Applied Technologies.

Students should submit a doubles request by emailing by Monday of the fifth week of the session in order to be placed in the list based on graduation date.

Students must have completed two terms and have an accumulative gpa of 3.0 to be considered for doubles. If they do not have a 3.0, they must see the Dean for an exception. Doubles cannot be guaranteed. Requests will be honored based on course availability and student's proximity to graduation.


I want to request a course not required in my program in the College of Applied Technologies.

Students must be willing to pay for any course outside of their major 100% out-of-pocket, because their financial aid money will no longer apply to the cost of a course outside of a student's major.

Students must also receive approval from an Associate Dean in the College of Applied Technologies, located in the 300 building.

Any specific course requests must be made by the end of the second week of the session. Students must meet with an Associate Dean before making these requests.

If a student has a medical, academic or job-related reason for needing a specific course and it is after the second week, he or she may still check with an Associate Dean, but approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.


I want to update my contact information (i.e. address, phone number, etc.)

Students must request this change in writing with a signature or submit an email from their UNOH student email account. Address change forms are also available in the Registrar's office or on